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My first car - Beata

My car used to be

In 1969, I bought my first car, a white Volkswagen Beetle. On both sides I painted a large number 26 on it. The interior of the car did not make much impression, and here and there you could find holes in the floor. You could see the road below you, almost like you would in the Flintstones car. As a result, during the winter I had to defrost the windows every few kilometers. At the same time, I met my husband. I remember the first time I went to get him - very proud of my Beetle. When I got there, I had to wait a while because he wasn't home yet. While waiting for him, I talked for a while to his father, who wanted to find out what kind of car I have. When he saw my Beetle, he looked very suspiciously at the car and at me, a hippie with long hair ... Fortunately, it all ended well.

My car now

My husband and I are now driving an old Ford Escort in which we have a lot of space! Thanks to this, we can travel freely wherever we want. For us, cars are just a practical means of transport. We also have a second smaller car: the Ford Focus. We rent both cars in Arval. I wanted an extra car that our kids could borrow easily. Not everyone has their own car, but they have families and they need to be mobile. The Focus is now our family car. Who needs it, takes it with them. Private rental turned out to be the perfect solution. The costs are clear so my kids can enjoy driving their new car. I feel this is a good decision. My sense of responsibility is much greater with a rental car than with my own car.

My first car - Krzysztof

My car used to be

My parents had a salvage business, so when I graduated from school they gave me my first car as a reward. It was a very ugly 1982 beige BMW, almost as old as me. But you don't look in the teeth of a donated horse. Even so, I carefully told my parents that I didn't like the car very much. After a while, they allowed me to change the paint color in their own paint shop. I liked purple at the time, so the car had to be purple! I also changed its interior a bit. Now I could go on an adventure with my purple BMW, which only had four gears. Because of this, it consumed a lot of fuel, so I had to refuel at least twice a week. When I was spending the weekend with my family one morning a yellow note appeared under the doormat. It turned out that my car has not been tested for several months since the technical inspection!

My car now

I grew up in the auto industry and have been working there for almost 20 years. Ten years ago my sister and I acquired a car damage company that I still run. We have been cooperating with Arval for at least 15 years and I am glad that we are developing together. Arval provides alternative transport that we have nearby. In this way, our fleet is constantly renewed. We have about 20 hired cars and many of them on our own. In total, a very large fleet, and it would not be possible to make a full investment on your own. I am very happy that we can arrange this through Arval.